5 Inspiring Lessons We Can Get From The Yukon Klondike Journey

The Yukon Klondike Journey began in 1897 following the discovery of gold deposits a year earlier. Adventurers and miners poured in, with most of them coming from the US. This made Klondike so much-publicized and it brought some excitement in the world that was then facing hard economic times.

The Gold Rush, as it is being referred to, attracted risk-takers, hustlers, gamblers, and dreamers - every single one of them bound for Klondike had a goal in mind. Was it a fool's errand? Or was it a chance of a lifetime? Here are 5 inspiring lessons from the mass exodus of the Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon.

1. Never Go Unprepared

The miners were people who left their homes to face the unknown. They didn't know how long they would take at the gold mines but were sure that it would be a tough and demanding adventure.

They had to carry what mattered for their survival. Each item had to be chosen carefully depending on how it would be used. For example, they picked rugged tools (as technology would allow), jars of preserves, sacks of beans/flour, canned pork, and Winchester rifles. They had to be careful never to carry anything that would add to the weight of the luggage but had no use.

You can be faced with a similar situation today and forced to make choices. Today, you enjoy much of what technology has to offer but still, you have to choose what is more efficient, less costly, and more convenient. This is not only applicable when you are planning to go on a long journey. Each item you purchase should, at least, add some value to your life.

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2. Food is Very Important

The Klondike miners had to manage the amount of food they carried for as long as it would support them. When supplies ran dry, they had to turn to their environment in search of food. Their foraging, hunting, and mining ended up destroying large swathes of land.

The lesson here is that you can only count on what you have. If you were to go on a long journey for a whole year and in a remote area where you can't get any additional food supply, what kind of food would you pack?

In any situation in which you have to survive on your own, you can only depend on what you have with you. There's is only one thing that can make you last longer in a harsh condition, and that thing is food. Next, you can think of your medical supplies and clothing.

This can inspire you to come up with better food preservation technology that can help during calamities.

3. The Gold Rush Finally Dried Up

Thousands of people rushed to Klondike to make money as fast as possible. However, the gold finally got depleted and now, gold mining isn't considered a profession or occupation in the US. Even though gold is still being sold, Mines are been closed and it would be impossible for you to start a mining venture in the US. Many people who rushed to Klondike never thought of the longevity and the sustainability of this venture.

If you want to start a business, the inspiration you can get from here is to choose a sustainable venture and never to go with the hype. You aim shouldn't be just to make some quick buck dealing in a product/service that has no future. Choose a product/service that can sustain your business longer or be prepared to change tact to remain relevant.

4. Prepare For The Changing Weather

While the gold miners breathed and lived the weather, your synthetic materials and modern home can protect you from the rhythms of weather and nature. The miners in Yukon suffered a great deal in their tents and cabins and most of them might have succumbed to harsh weather conditions.

We now have the best air conditioning and heating systems in our homes. But these can only help when they are in good working conditions at the time when the harsh weather strikes. Learn to study weather patterns and plan well for them in advance.

5. Invest in High-Quality Gadgets

Imagine you were a miner who traveled the long distance to lay your hands on the gold, but no sooner had you started digging than one of your gadgets broke down. A really bad experience, isn't it? This is what happened to some of the miners. Lesson? Whatever you set out to do, invest in the best. As the saying goes, cheap is always expensive.


Even though the Klondike journey took place more than a century ago, the problems the miners faced and how they surmounted them, offer great lessons for us today and you can get inspiration from them. Take your time to read about the whole journey, you might pick one or two things that can change your life for the better.